One more day….

Horses arrive Friday!!!  Today!!!!

Lindsey and Peter have spent 2 1/2 days transporting the horses from Alberta to San Diego.  Sounds like everything has gone quite smoothly (I’ll get the details today).  Now there is just the last leg complete this morning.  They’ll be leaving from Las Vegas heading south to San Diego.  Soon they all will be tucked into their stalls at Arroyo Del Mar (William, Lance and Fred only not Lindsey and Peter…they have a room at the beach cottage!!!).  Whewww.  Thank you Lindsey and Peter.  You guys are amazing!!!!

Ivars and I had a great day yesterday.  He had reserved a rental bike for Friday and Saturday from Nitro (amazing bike shop in Encinitas) and he decided to pick it up a day early and added an extra ride day!  He rode up the coast on the 101 to Oceanside and then back down to the cottage in Del Mar (50 miles).  All the riding on the trainer at home this winter had paid off and his legs lasted to the last mile!  Peter will be here today and he picks up his rental bike on Saturday.  Cycling will be on the agenda for the guys Saturday while Lindsey and I are at the stable.

Ivars is headed out on the bike this morning to tackle the grewsome hill at Torrey Pines…ugh, torture.  (But the downhill looks super fun!!!!  I’m jealous…maybe???)  Ivars heads back to Alberta on Sunday 😦  so three days of great riding in the sun will be a highlight of his trip :).

I have found a Pilates studio with Reformers and classes scheduled all day long.  I can easily fit a class into our daily schedule.  Feels almost like home with access to my reformer whenever I can fit it in!!!  A workout on the Reformer and a short run on the beach…what a way to start the day…

Thursday's ride

photo (53)

Off to an early Reformer class…my horses arrive today!!!!!


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