Family get away…

We’re in San Diego for a couple of days this week.

We came down to open the rental house before the horses arrive and to have a little get away with some of the kids.  Andrew and Kirsten and the babies came down last week and immersed themselves in the Disney experience.  Sounds like there was a lot of laughter and smiles with Mickey and Minnie and Mater and Lightning!

Ivars and I had a great visit in Phoenix with Aleks and Neil and the dogs and then drove the little car to Del Mar.  The car was packed so tightly we could barely turn around to grab our teas!  We had a great drive across the desert.  We both let out big sighs and little cheers as we could see the ocean framed in the windshield as we came over the mountains (little mountains, very little mountains…).  The sighs and the cheers with both for the joy of seeing the sea again but also because the seats in the sport car are so bloody uncomfortable our butts had no feeling left in them!!!  I’m going to have to fix that problem before the drive home or we’ll both be thinking of selling the thing before we leave!!!

Our first sunset on the beach for this year was on Friday night.  We saw dolphins surfing in the waves…what a laugh!!!  They were having so much fun; splashing and diving and riding the waves!  I’m sure they were feeding but it really looked like a lot of fun!!

The kids arrived the next day and we had another wonderful sunset experience that night complete with sand bucket and lots of rocks and shells to save and wash off at the house.

We started yesterday off by Papa and Daddy making an early morning run to Pannikin for Sunday’s orange buns.  Orange buns are a highlight in the San Diego experience.   They’re kinda like cinnamon buns but way stickier and softer and very orange and yummy and only on Sundays.  Andrew and Ivars had a coffee Pannikin and sat in the sun while they waited for the buns to finish in the oven.  And then we all had warm orange buns for breakfast!!

The kids have rented a mini van for the week.  I have never driven a mini van.  For a lot of reasons.  Never.  Ever.  Till yesterday.  Andrew has blackmail photos.  Ugh…

Oh well…we packed up said mini van (this is quite the organization with 2 babies!!) and headed to the zoo.  At the zoo…a bus ride, a tram ride and a 4D movie experience…oh yeah lots and lots of animals!  Cali got scared at the movie so she hid her eyes soooo well she fell asleep…for 3 hours…she was in great spirits when she woke up!!  Tired baby.

San Deigo Zoo






We hit Urban Plates (UP) for an early dinner.  Urban Plates is another highlight of San Diego.  Great food, great atmosphere, great prices and very easy to eat vegetarian!!

The zoo wasn’t very crowded, the freeways were empty and UP was very quiet.  “What’s up with that?”  Oh, right Super Bowl.  We totally missed that part of the day.

Mack stayed awake all day even through dinner!  Back to the beach for a little dusk walk after dinner…lovely.


We finished the day off with a fire on the patio, a good glass of wine, and included Skype to Aleks and Neil in Phoenix.  I’m still trying to stay up past 8pm and made it a bit further last night!  (At least I fell asleep after Mack this time!!!)

Today’s plan is low key; hang out in Del Mar and let the kids recoup before the big travel day ahead.



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