My Tuesday…

The three year old (Mack) takes photos of his one year old sister (Cali)….

“Ok Mack; don’t put your finger on the lens.  Hold it like this.”

“Ok ‘Amma!!!”





“Mack…can you see your sister? Can you see Cali??”  I guess he could!!!


Playing with Duplo…I think this was a planned shot.  Maybe??



Mack, the three year old super photographer!!!



Making cookies for Daddy.  (Cali knows how to say cheese!!!)



There was some cookie dough left to bake as well.  Daddy got cookies for his lunch today!!!

Tuesdays and Fridays are sooo much fun around here.  So looking forward to training in California for March and April but boy am I gonna miss my Tuesdays and Fridays.



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