In anticipation of our cruise and then our temporary move to Del Mar, I have been researching a new laptop/tablet.

A tablet would be so convenient for travel; light,  small, and easy to whip out whenever I got a moment to work on the blog.  Large enough to Skype effectively to all my family still at home.  Soooo IPad?  Small laptop?  Hey the Lenovo Yoga!!!!  Acts like a laptop, swing the screen around and voila….a tablet!   Sounds like a fit!!!

I ordered the Yoga, it didn’t arrive till the day we left for the cruise, no problem, I’ll still have a great tablet for the trip to California.

So I thought….

Greg spent the day yesterday transferring files and setting up the Yoga so I’d have a seamless transfer to the new device. ( And he wouldn’t be getting the desperate long distance call from his mom “Greg how do I fix……????  Greg I can’t get this thing to do…….!!!!!)  So it really was self preservation that he was doing such a great job in getting the Yoga travel ready.

We took a pizza break, came back home to put the finishing touches on the tablet….guess what!!!!  the new Windows 8RT will not install Outlook (it comes with Office!!!!) so no email.  It won’t install ITunes, so no updates on my phone while away???  (for me, that’s essentially my new Audible books…needed for the treadmill, walks on the beach…)  And several other bits of software that I use daily.  It will only support “Microsoft” apps.  I didn’t even want to find out if I could access the blog.

This is totally my fault in the research.  I thought as it was a laptop first, the OS would have been Windows 8 not Windows 8RT.  Ughhh….computers….

My Lenovo Yoga is a great tablet/laptop…just not for me!!!!

Off to find the Yoga a new job…


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