Grand Turk

We had an amazing day kayaking in an inner waterway in Grand Turk. The guide was not a biologist by any stretch but he was a young man that knew his island home and loved explaining it to tourists. Held a mangrove jellyfish, several different types of sea urchins, a sea cucumber and many, many conch. A wonderful way to end this amazing 2 week  Caribbean experience!!


Mangrove jellies



All sorts of sea urchins…green, black and spiney ones!  Sea cucumbers and conch.




“Hey!!! If you’re taking photos, who’s paddling around here???!!!  Stroke man, stroke!!!!”




Back to the ship for our planned sail away at 5pm.




Pulling away from the dock, next stop Miami.


Today is another “at sea” day.  Pilates class this am, a golf lecture in the morning and afternoon, dinner, then packing.  They pick up our luggage this evening and we’ll see it again tomorrow as we head to the airport.  It’ll require some organization to get out the door in the morning (some things are packed and some are not) and then we head to the airport.  Miami/Toronto/Edmonton and we’re home tomorrow night!!!  Amazing really.


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