12M America’s Cup Racing!!!!!

OMG…we had a blast!!! We didn’t win, but raced as hard as we were able!!! (We needed a tactician aboard, I think!!)

3 12M sailboats here, Stars and Stripes, True North (Canadian) and Canada II (Canadian). We were on Canada II. We had a great start, seconds ahead of the other two boats, were well ahead but lost the lead on the third leg. Again…needed a tactician??? But what an amazing way to spend our day on the ocean!!! What a well run, exciting excursion. They accommodated all levels of sailing and everyone had a blast!!!


Our skipper, Christopher


We’re on Canada II, True North just ahead, Stars and Stripes in the lead


Ivars and I were on the Main Winch, winching in the boom for the mainsail. It’s a good thing we know how to paddle together…pulling together on the winch one of the most important things!!!


Saying goodbye to Canada II. Thank you everyone involved for such a great day!!!

After yesterday’s race…I really could fly home…weeeell maybe a couple more days in the warm sun and breezes??? Yup!

Today is an “at sea” day on our way to Grand Turk. Pilates this morning along with 2 golf lectures (putting, woods and drivers) then yoga this afternoon. Tonight we have reservations at Nobu Silk Road restaurant.

Off to my Pilates Reformer class…


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  1. Steve

    That looked like a blast, a couple of days of relaxing on the veranda will do wonders for the soul. All that activity daily sounds like working on the farm.

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