Friday was ATV day at St Barth’s!!!

Mack and Cali…these photos are definitely for you!!!

We had the greatest tour of this wonderful island, St Barth’s, by ATV. Lots of people get to and fro on this island by quad. An easy way to commute and with narrow roads and short distances, a perfect mode of transport.

This is a beautiful island. Very French, very pretty. We’ll be back.


Friday’s sunrise


On to the tender, transport to the island


Helmet on, mount up


A view of the harbour, our cruise ship in the background


St Barth’s harbour


Traveling along the beach at St Barth’s


“My goodness, this a good way to spend the morning!!!”


This is the most dangerous airport in the world. I think if we re-visit St Barth’s, we take the ferry over.


Heading back to drop off the quads.


In a bay filled with the most amazing cruising boats, this was the most stunning, unique boat around. The crew launched the smaller boats and took everything for a test drive over the day. The launches were all of very interesting designs as well.


The end of another wonderful day.

Today is the excursion that made us choose this cruise. We are in St Maartin. We will board retired America’s Cup sailboats this morning and sail in a (I’m sure!!) well supervised “race” in the warm Caribbean waters!!! Photo ops galore…the sun is shining, the winds are up!!

I’m sooo excited!!!

V and I


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2 responses to “Friday was ATV day at St Barth’s!!!

  1. Steve

    So happy to see the two of you enjoying your holiday, St Barths looks very nice.

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