Wednesday and Thursday!!!

Wednesday was the low key, on board day…all day.

Golf practise, run on the deck, yoga and Pilates on the Reformer. We had the best day!!!


Mack, not mini golf but Papa has to golf to the target…


‘Amma’s turn


Yoga at the end of the afternoon

Yesterday was ziplining in St Lucia!!! We were anchored out in the bay and were “tendered in” by these little boats. Each tender held over 100 people plus staff. Fun on the water!!!


The tender, practising it’s moves!


“All aboard!!!”


Getting into our harnesses for ziplining!!!


We’re ready!!! (I think I look scared…)


2 down…10 to go!


We’re havin’ fun!!


Last one is the fastest one…so “hang on with both hands please!!!”

Today is St Bart’s and an ATV adventure. (I swear we chose these excursions so that we’d have good photos to show Mack and Cali!!!!)

As of last night, we are now heading north back to Miami so Ivars is enjoying taking photos from the deck of the sunrise. Morning is definately our time of the day and the sunrises this week promise to be spectacular!!!


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