St Kitts

St Kitts

St Kitts was an interesting day at port.

We were late docking, the last of three cruise ships in port. Ivars and I headed to the very bow of the ship and watched the expert driving skills of the crew as they slid the big ship up to the pier unscathed.

We had booked an excursion on a narrow tracked railway that would circumnavigate the island. Lots of history and scenery. We took a look at the very grey clouds and high winds outside and packed our wind shells along. That was a good move as the rail cars had the best view from the open seating up top. We got very wet a couple of times. It’s a good thing neither one of us is worried at all about hair dos…the wind nor the rain have dictated the style each day so far. (hats are of little help…they get blown away in the gale force gusts!!!)


Nesting Egrets. They have adapted their nesting to this very thorny bush to ward off the Mongoose that was imported by the English to get rid of all the snakes


On the rail tour, rum punch and pina coladas ordered!!!


One of 4 very narrow bridges


As the sun sets, we sail out of port to Guadeloupe

Today is Guadeloupe at port at 8am. We really didn’t find an excursion on island that excited us so we’ll spend a quiet day on or near the ship. Pilates Reformer class with Kandice, yoga class with Melanie, a run (I know, I know…me…running!!!) and swing some clubs off the stern of the ship. Might even find the sauna at the end of the day…

So off to a late start today, sitting on the stateroom deck so grateful for this amazing day…now we’re gonna find the promenade deck and a short run…looking forward to a lazy day ahead.

Tomorrow is cycling in St Lucia. Hope the weather is a carbon copy of today…light breezes, sun shining and 27C.

Love to you all,

Vickie and Ivars

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