The winds we’re blowing quite a bit during the night and didn’t let up as we came into port in Tortola.

Tortola is one of the biggest bare boat charter ports down here and there were power boats and sailboats galore. There were only a handful of small boats moving as we came in to port and definitely there were no sails up in the big winds. The sailboats that were out were under motor power as they moved.

We pulled on our bathers and headed out to our Tortola excursion…sea kayaks! We wondered where this would take place as we looked at the whitecaps all around. I think we’re going to get wet today!!!!

And wet we got!!! It was so much fun paddling in the big waves and then surfing back in to shore. (I sure was glad they were 2 person sea kayaks, having Ivars help to get the boat out on the bay was a big plus!!) The sun was so warm and the water bath water temperature. We missed out on the Eco part of the sea kayak experience (the water was too churned up in the waves to see anything underwater), but lucked out with the wind and the big waves. Okay…hit the fun adventure button again and again for both Ivars and me!!!!


The group paddling into the sand beach


Beached kayak and a water break


Back at the dive centre, waiting for the taxi back to the ship

Back to the ship and lunch.


The Crystal Serenity at dock (next to the Aida)

We had to soak the salt off our bodies and all the clothes we had after that excursion. The sun and wind caked a layer of salt on everything exposed. I think I can still taste salt on my lips!! Laundry in and head to the shower! A Pilates class was next(well not really Pilates but a definitely a core/fitness class) then dinner at Prego.

We pulled away from the dock at 6pm and have been leisurely sailing to St. Kitts for docking at 8am.

Today is a very interesting rail ride around the island. Lotsa history and scenery promised! The winds are not so high and the sun promises to shine again today.

Off for tea, and to watch this big ship dock…an amazing feat!!!


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