Day Three on the Cruise, Second Day At Sea

Day Three of Our Caribbean Cruise

Yesterday was the second day of “At Sea”. (lingo alert…no ports, cruising day and night)

The “At Sea Days” are quite full of lectures and lessons. I got my Pilates Reformer class in the morning and thoroughly enjoyed Kandice Kinsley’s instruction. She is only teaching on the “at sea” days which are too bad. She is very qualified and personable and does a great job. Maybe we can talk the Cruise Director (I’m really getting a handle on the ship speak!!!) into scheduling more reformer classes or a mat class or two with Kandace? Fingers crossed.

Ivars ran 5km around the ship. I started out and hit the wind!! It actually wasn’t too bad running into it, hard but doable, but the run on the port side with the wind behind me…whew, I thought I’d get blown overboard. Guess I could’ve run with my life jacket on, just in case?

Golf lecture, on the stern, with Joe Hebert

Two more great lectures with PGA golf instructor Joe Herbert. Great. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to swing a club in the driving cage this week and put into practice some of the concepts.

After golf lecture, headed to yoga, tea at the Bistro

We did a wonderful yoga class with Melanie Camp late afternoon. We’ll definitely try to find another class with her this week. The waves were 5-7ft and it was quite windy so balance poses were not going to happen. We worked on the mat a lot rather than standing. Kinda like a yoga massage! Nice.

We were going to sit by the pool early afternoon but it was quite crowded. We are on the starboard side of the boat (the sunny side while headed south) so we had a wonderfully quiet afternoon increasing our vitamin D levels on our stateroom balcony.

We ordered dinner from the Main Dining room and sat on the balcony and relaxed and watched a very lovely sunset over the Caribbean. Next week we’ll catch the rising sun…ahhhh…

Sunset over the Caribbean, from our stateroom deck

Wine note…a great Chardonnay Matsuhisa, 2011(Russian River) and a super Pinot Noir, “C” (Crystal Selection) 2010, Santa Lucia Highlands. We ordered them for last night”s meal but they arrived too late. Into the fridge and something to look forward to next meal on the deck!

Today is sea kayaks and snorkeling!

Ivars has a new underwater camera so if it clears up a bit and the sun comes out, should be some great shots ahead!!!

Off to get a bite for Ivars and tea for me then head to Tortola!!!


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