At Sea, Day Two

We had a great day!

After tea on our deck as the sun came up, I headed out to find out the details on the Pilates Reformer that was now listed as available on the ship in the morning newspaper “Reflections”. Yup found it!!!…add the Reformer to the list of activities on the Serenity this cruise! I’m not quite clear how often the Reformer classes will be held but there will be one this morning.

Ivars did his first spin class ever in the fitness centre and had a ball. His regular use of his cycle trainer at home made this tough class doable! A little push on the adventure button for Ivars!

I ran a couple of circuits around the deck of the ship. First thing…I don’t run. (I think I`m afraid your brain might get soft from hitting the top of your head every stride) Buuuutttt…It was sunny (on the starboard side) with gentle tropical breezes wafting about adding to the whole “Whooo Hoo…we`re in the Caribbean on a cruise ship” excitement. So off I went. It wasn`t too bad, I`ll keep you posted as to the mushy brain situation…


View from our deck yesterday.

We attended a lecture at 10am with PGA golf pro Joe Herbert. We like to golf but in the past couple of years, horses have taken up our golfing time. The lectures were super!!! A coach that understands coaching!! A coach’s coach!!!! We have some great handouts, some wonderful elementary drills and are looking forward to the next lectures today. They have new Taylor Mades aboard, a putting green and a driving platform (into a net with a target!). We should get some practice time with the clubs later this week. They are arranging some tee times in port later this week but I think we`ll stick to the original excursion plans and avail ourselves of the local colour.

We had lunch in the Main Dining Room (whew boy o boy, every time there is a lull around here….we`re eating!!!) Ivars is used to the regular 3 square meals a day, me not so much. I left the waiter at lunch scratching his head about the crazy Canadian request…”Roasted vegetable sandwich, no meat, no bread, extra vegetables please”. It was a wonderful light lunch! While waiting for our order, Ivars had a great chat with the Sommelier about the Crystal`s wine cellar. Lots of wonderful choices. I`m looking forward to the week`s wine plan. (punch the Adventure button again for Ivars!!!) The wine on board has been stellar. Other than the first Chardonnay at the first lunch (Crystal “C”), we’ve both loved the pre-selected wine list so far.

Then back to our stateroom, uploaded the blog (the internet is very similar to a busy RV park…oh how well I know that service!!!), did some laundry in the complimentary laundry room (easy peasy) and then headed back to the golf lecture…”The Backswing”. Once again a great hour of info!!

Okay, next on the schedule…Pilates mat class listed at 4pm in the Fitness Centre. Pilates instruction has a great variance depending on the certification of the instructor. I love Stott Pilates. It makes sense bio-mechanically and has a great structure. This class was not Stott. I miss Lindsey (our fabulous Stott Pilates instructor at home). But it was good to get on the mat after travel days and lots of sitting around. Today`s Reformer instructor is Stott certified. Yeah!!!

Last night was Formal Night for dinner. Craziness. We got all dressed up (though I did leave my top hat and tails at home in the horse trailer) and had a great dinner at the Italian restaurant, Prego. A great meal and very interesting Italian wine. Italian wine is not a palette we have developed at all, so it was very good to be walked through the selections by an experienced Italian sommelier.

Today is Pilates (can you tell…I`m excited about the class???!!!), more golf with Joe Herbert and since the sun is again wonderfully warm and sooo inviting…maybe running a couple more K`s around the Promenade deck. Oh dear, I don`t like running…really!

Sea day again today, in port in Tortola tomorrow.


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