A big day off today.

The week’s work has been really good but…

We have been battling scratches since we have gotten back from California.  Fred’s legs have had a mild reaction and William’s front legs have reacted to the extent that he has needed the week off.  We have now gotten them totally under control.  Fred is back to comfortable and William is his happy little self again and back to work.

All three horses are really working hard.  Lance is digging deep and thinking his way through the tough parts of the Grand Prix work (thinking is not his strong point, he’s more of a doing kinda guy).  Fred has stepped up and pulled on her big girl panties and is showing us what her Grand Prix work is going to look like shortly (no fuss, no muss just get it done…good girl!).  William is so happy his front fetlocks with scratches don’t hurt anymore he’s almost giggling as he trucks around the ring (we’ll put more of the tough work back on his schedule next week!).

It’s been a wonderful week of work; some tough bits, some fun bits but really, really rewarding everyday.

We had a dinner at the house last night to thank everyone here for all their support while we were away this winter.  So many friends and family help us sooo much.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ivars and I have the day off together today.  We’ll be heading to Calgary for our Nexus interview.  A lovely day together ahead!


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