Maria, Maria, Maria!!

Maria McDowell, our equine therapist, was here yesterday.  Yeah!!!  Lance, Fred and William haven’t had any massage work since we left in November.  There is always so much for Maria to do after the long truck ride back from California.  They all loved Maria’s work yesterday and are now enjoying a day off in the sunshine today.  Back to work on Saturday.

Our poor, overworked washer at the stable bit the dust yesterday.  (The extended warranty I bought for it was well used…more than paid for itself!!)  So off to Sears I went for a new washer.  New washer and of course, 5 yr extended warranty!

Today is office day around here.  A big day of catch up from being away for 5 months.  Organization is the word for the day.

The babies are here this afternoon.  Kirsten has gone back to work and I get to have fun with Mack and Cali for the afternoon…Yeah!!!!

Headed to my office…


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