Almost home…

Updates on the road…

We’re at a small RV park in Butte and we’ll be on the road very soon this at this very early o’clock!

Our focus for the last month of training with Shannon was on our long term goals for each horse.  We went back to the basics and upped the quality of the work.  We put test riding on the back burner for the time being.  So with this new level of expectation, we headed to the Del Mar show and put them to work in the warm up ring only.  Could they step up and work at the same level in a show enviroment?  The answer is YES!  The next step is to put it in the test ring and that will be at home.  We’ll do a test or two at a National show and then the CDI in June.

A couple of clips of the warm up ring on Friday…

The horses got on the van with Thompson Transport Sunday at 2am.  They should be home today mid afternoon.

Lindsey and Peter have the truck and trailer and are about 6 hours behind them.

As Lindsey and Peter loaded the horses on the van on Sunday, we left Saturday and spent a lovely evening in Las Vegas Saturday night.  After a 13 hour drive yesterday, we have now another 10 hours or so ahead of us so we should be home around the same time as the horses…time to hit the road!!!  (I’ll breathe alot easier once I see them safe and sound in their stalls at home!!!!)


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