Wheww…everybody needs a couple of days off!

This has been an amazing week.  Everyone worked so hard and they are all very, very tired.  Good work = happy, tired horses.

William working in the fog yesterday morning.

A very nice piaffe from a very tired Grand Prix horse...Lance.

Let’s talk about Lindsey’s work this last couple of weeks…in a word, amazing.  She has been working in her stretch zone both physically and mentally and is producing work on all three horses that is heart stopping beautiful.  Thank you Lindsey for all your hard work and dedication to a such a high standard each day.  It is a joy to work with you!

Aleks and Neil are flying in from Phoenix this morning.  We’re going to spend the day together exploring San Diego.  Lindsey has a trip to the gym and tending the horses on her agenda today.  We’ll meet up for dinner somewhere near the beach and watch the sunset over the Pacific.  (That never gets old!!!)

Heading into our last week here…


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One response to “Wheww…everybody needs a couple of days off!

  1. Deb Meraw

    Thanks again for sharing. Love your hard work and passion for this sport.

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