You say marine layer, I say fog…

Fog, the pea soup variety, that’s what we woke up to yesterday.  The drive to the barn was very fast, dense traffic, denser fog.

They don’t call it fog here.  The local term is marine layer.  So marine layer it is.

Everything was socked in all the way to the barn.  The sun burned it all off very quickly at the barn and it was lovely riding weather;  sunny, warm, a bit of a breeze.  The horses were all super duper yesterday, still working hard on the stop, go, and turn details.  William did his lesson in the covered (it was quite empty!), Lance was in the newly set up dressage ring in the jumper arena, (on the long lines with Shannon and I for a bit and then off to work with Lindsey aboard), and Fred, even though quite tired, turned it on and worked her very best in a very busy jumper arena.  A really great day…

We headed to the Western Show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds (we had to order shavings for the dressage show next week).  Not much going on, some reiners working but very few.  We headed home.  The marine layer was still quite thick along the coast.  Everything in the coach was damp and soggy.  On the positive side, my normal dry winter skin feel is not to be found anywhere!

The batteries on the camera died…someone forgot to plug them in overnight (I remembered last night :))  So only a photo of the girls today…

Lindsey Stroh, Emma Weinert, Noelle Buijen

And this photo from Facebook…laughed so hard when I read the comment…

Photos from Olympic Diving...or what it would look like if men gave birth...

2 more sleeps till Aleks and Neil arrive from Phoenix!!!  So looking forward to Saturday am!!!

Off to another great day…



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