Another big day.

The last couple of weeks have been amazing training.  We’re all learning so much.

The horses not working on any new skills; they all have the skills required for each level pretty much under control.  Flying changes, half passes, pirouettes for the young ones, passage, piaffe for Lance.  The work has been on the quality of the basics.  All three horses have exceptional ability for the sport so as the qualities of go, stop and turn becomes sharper, clearer and quicker they are turning into three amazing dressage athletes.

And Lindsey is learning to aid and ask at this level.  Strength, fitness and most important, timing.  Good goin’ girl!  This level of work is exciting, hard and very rewarding and you are doing a great job.

Thank you Shannon for your generous explanations and patience with all of us each day.

We’re heading into our last week here.  We’re very excited to be going home and at the same time very sad to leave Arroyo.  We have learned so much and with Shannon’s amazing help, we are confident and happily anticipating our future work at home.

Fred, growing up!


Lance, pirouettes!


Today is promising to be another wonderfully warm day.  The Del Mar Fairgrounds has Western Week starting today.  (next week is Dressage Week and the week after is Hunter/Jumper Week)  After riding we’re going to head over and watch some reining warmups this afternoon.  We’ll take an Auzzie, a Dutch girl and our little Toronto friend (in her cowboy boots) with us…I’ll get photos…  The Night of the Horse is Saturday and they are advertizing Classical Dressage exhibition with mini horses.  I so hope they are warming up also today!!!!

Off to a great day!


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  1. Everyone looks great! Super excited to have you guys back and be able to see the progress in real life! Safe travels to all, humans and ponies! Counting down the days! 🙂

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