A warm week ahead…

So this is how I start my morning…

Sent from home, Kirsten’s IPhone…

"Hey 'Amma...You be home soon?"

"Good Morning 'Amma!"

We had a great day the barn.  Shannon long lined Fred in the covered arena and then Lindsey rode her…wonderful ride!  Shannon’s amazing work on the lines has really opened the door to the next level with Fred’s work.

Next ride was Lance.  Lindsey warmed him up in the covered.  (The big jumper ring was not ridable yet because of the rain on the weekend so the dressage court was quite crowded.  The dressage court is great riding after a rainy spell as it is tarped before the rain starts.  Yeah for the tarp!!!)  After warming him up, we headed to the busy dressage court.  Shannon and I were on the long lines, Lindsey riding and we worked centre lines in piaffe and passage.  He was a good boy!

William’s work for the day was turn out.  He goes to work today!

Fred and Lindsey in the covered arena.

Emma and Zidane


The weather has been spectacular; warm, sunny, soooo nice.  Lindsey headed to the gym, I headed to the beach.  A long, long walk with a good book.

Another warm day ahead today…


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