A lazy Sunday

Of course we started the day at Pannikin for orange buns…oh my, they are so worth the calories.  They only make them on Sunday mornings and they usually are still warm when we arrive.  All you can hear in the car, for the rest of the drive to the barn, is munching and the occasional “Ummmm, these are so good!”.  http://pannikincoffeeandtea.com/  A must stop when visiting San Diego!

All three horses got a session on the treadmill and then Lindsey took Lance and Fred for a walk around the farm.  William got to run, buck and roll for a bit in the stallion pen.  He had mucho fun and was caked in mud when I brought him in.  He got the dreaded shower (he hates the wash rack) and then dried in the sun while Lindsey pulled Lance and Fred’s manes.  Now they all look well loved and cared for!

We got back to the coach, it was sunny and but quite windy.  Never the less, I changed clothes and headed for a long walk on the beach.  Lindsey stayed home and “Melted”.  http://www.meltmethod.com/  Her hip is a bit wonky so we’re going slow and adding more rehab bits.  Look for the Melt addition to the Pilates Sundays mornings when we get home.

First lesson at 10am this morning…a great day ahead….


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