Thursday in the sun…

The blog is late publishing today ’cause we had a very early start this morning and I didn’t have enough time to put this together and still get out the door on time.  We had a lovely early morning, speedy ride into Arroyo today and got all three horses worked in the jumper ring before the rain came in.  Lessons with Shannon on Fred and Lance (photos on tomorrow’s blog).

Here’s the highlights of Thursday’s work…

The cutest little Corgi around...Bugsy (Lienje's puppy!)

William came out looking to wrestle rather than get down to work (wrestling is way more fun if you are a baby stallion!!) but figured out forward and soft is the best way to be a good boy!

Lindsey and Em..."Em, do you want to visit Alberta this summer? Say yes!!!"

We worked Lance in hand again yesterday.  Shannon and I on the lines, Lindsey in the saddle.  He was awesome!  Thank you again Shannon for your amazing talent on the lines and teaching us some of the basics that we can take home.

Fred was very low energy and tired so she was on a “long walk in the sunshine” day.

Holy smoke I love my job…


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