Rain, rain, rain

The rain started late yesterday morning and it’s still coming down.

We had our first thunder and lightning show yesterday as well, not very long but very unusual for SD.  Quite the wind storm all night, very interesting in an RV.  Our RV (Foretravel) is leveled by an air system so it gently (most gusts) rocks back and forth with the wind,,,like being moored at night in a sheltered bay on a boat.  A lovely way to sleep.

We got all three horses worked before the rain hit yesterday.  Thanks Shannon for fitting us in to the early “dark” o’clock lesson schedule.

We’ve been having some fitting issues with Lance’s saddle.  Not sure if there is an air bag issue (yes our saddles are fitted with air…a theme for FCS?) or he is changed in his back (a good thing) with this work and we need Kevin Lote (Regal Saddles) to major tweek the saddle.  We had Sue Newell from Limelite Custom Saddlery out to Arroyo last week and she added some air to two panels in his saddle.  Better but it was still not quite right.  For Lindsey’s lesson yesterday morning,  I cut and pasted a sheepskin half pad and fitted Lance’s saddle.  Worked great, it now fit him well and made Lindsey’s ride much easier…everyone happy.  We contacted Sue again and last evening headed to her shop with the saddle to add more tweeking.  We’ll try it out on Sunday (today is a day off for all three horses).

The ocean would be quite dramatic this morning so I may add many layers of clothing and go for a walk on the beach. Then again, I may have another cup of tea and watch Melissa Harris-Perry (along with Up with Chris Hayes, MSNBC, a great way to spend an early weekend morning).  Tea cup is calling…

Fred's early morning lesson with Shannon

Fred, working hard.

Ahhhh Fred...what a good girl.

Emma and Velvet, lesson with Shannon done, everyone happy!

Lance and Lindsey, lesson with Shannon.

Here’s a link to a bit of Lance’s lesson yesterday…


Lindsey is headed to the gym, I’m sitting listening to the wind, feeling the RV sway back and forth.  I think I may watch the drama of the ocean from the heated seats of the truck on the trip to the barn later this morning…



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