Rainy day Wednesday.

When it rains at Arroyo we are all in the covered arena, I mean all of us.  Grand Prix horses, babies and everyone in between.

Thank goodness for the covered arena.  It’s small, it’s crowded and at times very daunting but it’s covered!  And when it’s raining in California we are very lucky to have the covered at Arroyo to ride in.  Most riding facilities do not have a covered, dry arena to work in so when it rains no one rides.  Sometimes for days.  Thank goodness for the covered…

Barb was still with us yesterday so we have photos!  Yeah Barb, thank you for dealing with the camera.

Fred, in the covered yesterday.


Fred and Lindsey, Emma and Velvet on a walk (in the background). Emma lesson is next with Shannon.

Emma and Cheezy, lesson with Shannon.

Emma is on our photo roster for the blog ’cause her Mom in Australia misses her every day!

Lance and Lindsey were amazing in their lesson but the memory card was full so no photos of Lance from yesterday.

We didn’t ride William, it was just too busy in the covered to get much accomplished with his program.  No rain today so he’ll be back at it this morning.

The work over the last 2 weeks has been amazing.  It’s hard to express my thanks to Shannon for the extra mile she has gone for us and all three horses.  She has opened up the work to us so we have found a huge piece of the puzzle to fit in to the big dressage picture.  We head home with confidence and excitment.

So excited about today’s work…



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2 responses to “Rainy day Wednesday.

  1. Vicki Weinert

    Hi Vickie, we are back home safe and sound in Australia. I got such a thrill to see Emma, Velvet, Lindsay and Fred on your blog today…everyone is looking great. Missing you all. Vicki XXX

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