An extra hand on board!

Barb is staying with us for a couple of days while Curtis is in Phoenix golfing.  She is getting the full horse immersion week…tacking up horses, putting horses on the treadmill and most importantly sitting in the sunshine watching the best dressage in the world close up.  (Steffen and Shannon were riding yesterday!)

All three horses went very well yesterday.  Fred is also on Shannon’s long lining program and she was amazing.  Shannon’s talent and feel on the long lines still leaves me with my mouth hanging open and gasping.  I’ve watched long lining before but to watch Shannon…never seen long lining like this…

The work is totally transferable to the saddle.  Lindsey can then take the understanding that Shannon has created in the horses and ride it and work it in the arena.  What a wonderful experience for all three horses.  They have a totally different understanding of forward.  Through the long lining process, it has been clearly explained to them and they are working hard!

Barb is with us for a couple more days so we’re off to put her to work!


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