Ok…here’s the scoop…

We took on a big goal, a very big goal.

Was it scary? Yes.  Was it difficult? Yes.  Was it rewarding? Yes. Yes. Yes.

What’s the saying?  “Shoot for the moon, if you fail you might land among the stars”.

That’s where we are today.

Soooo let’s talk about Lance…It’s a big deal to take a baby Grand Prix horse (his first year) and compete at the Three Star CDI level on Olympic year.  The normal (read safe and sane) route would be to spend the first year of his Grand Prix work competing at the National (Gold) level shows.  The judging is more forgiving, he’d be allowed some wiggle room for mistakes and the polish and brilliance could be developed in a less heated competition show season.

His first Grand Prix tests were at National Level shows here in California. Great competition.  Great scores.  Then more work at home.  Then head to the CDIs.

We knew it would be tough.  None of us are adverse to hard work, including Lance.  And we gave it our all.

We came up short.  Not enough time, not enough shows.

Ok, time to step back and re assess our goals, short term and long term.

We’re here for another month.  Let’s get the full advantage of training everyday with Shannon Peters.  We are very lucky and very grateful to be here.  If we take London out of the equation, the training is more long term goal oriented and less short term goal focused.

We have one more show at the end of April in Del Mar.  We’ll enter the National show and add the work from the last month and polish it up in the ring.

Disappointed we won’t be coming down centre line for Canada in London? Yes.  Ready to take on the next challenge?  Hell Yeah!!!

We have a great Grand Prix horse in Lance and a fabulous Grand Prix rider in Lindsey.  Riding for Canada will be in our future and we will take on that goal again.


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