The daily work…

“Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors”

Both of the boys are “talking back” this week, as Steffen puts it.

The work each day has been generally going great but this week both William and Lance have been stomping their feet and having temper tantrums.  Thank goodness for Shannon.  She is a magician with long lines…amazing expertise, so much knowledge and insight, so very effective.

The “back talk” we are getting is about closing up their frames and staying active behind.  They are both such laid back, compliant horses; this is really the first time in their training they have said the big “NO”.  No is not the answer to the question boys…on to the long lines with Shannon with you!  Mrs. Peters will explain the concept.

This has definitely put a hiccup in our training timeline but we’re adapting and recalculating.

Today is a day off of training for all three.  We’ll head to the barn a little later in the morning, feed, walk, blanket and then the plans are to spend the afternoon with Curtis and Barb at the LPGA event at La Costa.  Something totally different, give our brains a rest and go for a nice walk!

Off to the barn…


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