Next show…San Juan Capistrano CDI

Wednesday started early and ended early around here.

Shannon long lined William at 7am, Lance’s lesson with Shannon was at 11 and we worked Fred at noon.  We had some spare time mid morning (rare!!!) so had the wonderful opportunity to sit and watch some great training and coaching.  Yeah!

Shannon is a magician with long lines.  Amazing touch, amazing skill, amazing results.  William is learning how to close up his frame and stay active with the hind leg.  Thank you Shannon for this work.  William is learning his job and growing up.

Lindsey and Lance have had a wonderful week with Shannon.  He’s getting stronger and really digging in.  Lindsey has been awesome (she always is :), gives it 100% in the saddle, each ride, each horse, every day) but this week has been super awesome!

Fred is working hard and getting more and more confident with her job.  She’s a good girl!!!

Barb and Curtis dropped by at the stable yesterday and so did Archie and Christine.  We were  just headed to the covered to work Fred…so everyone got a little peek at Fred and Lindsey at work.  So nice to have friends and family visit!  We enjoyed a lovely lunch with everyone and got caught up on all the news.

Today the vet is out to update all the horses’ FEI passports.

Gonna be another great day!


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