Saturday…Day Two…

Early start to the day as Fred’s ride time was 8am.  Everything was going all smashingly…braided, tacked up, almost finished the warmup aaaaaand Lindsey’s right spur strap breaks…ugh.  Not enough time to run back to the tack room (though Barb and I tried), reassemble the spur, finish the warmup and get down centre line on time.  The option of riding without spurs (which would have worked with Fred) is illegal at this level.  Finished the warmup and put Fred away worked, happy and ready for today’s test.

Lance’s ride was at the end of the day.  He had a couple of long walks around the show during the day and was happy and fit and ready to go. He warmed up fantastic.  Lindsey rode amazing and he responded and was ready to go.  The arena was electric, full of spectators and noise.  He backed up a bit in the test but was still so rideable.  A great test on a green Grand Prix horse! 61%  So proud of Lindsey. So proud of Lance.

On to the Special today on Lance and Inter One on Fred….


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