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We are so done with this weekend…

Our first CDI this year was a cascade of misfortunes.

We were so ready for this show…all three horses.

Then Fred showed up at at the beginning of the week with full blown scratches on both hind legs.  Red, angry, weeping and inflamed.  She’s out of the CDI as we need to treat the condition and the international drug rules for the CDI are much stricter than the national rules.  We need to get her well and comfortable.

Mid week Lance looked like he might have a tummy ache.  Fred and William were fine.  We treated Lance for upset gut and changed the cause of the upset and after a day off, he was looking much better.

Into the trailer and off to LA to the show.

So next William has a tummy ache and it shows up in the warm up ring for his first class.  We’ve made the changes that caused the problem already so we need to treat him and get him feeling better.  The show is over for William.  (He is feeling better and will go back to work tomorrow at Arroyo.)

“Ride the horse you have in the warmup ring”.  Linds did an amazing job and got Fred and Lance in the ring for their first tests.  Definitely not stellar tests but got the job done for the horses she had.

Lance was ready for the second test.  He warmed up amazing and was feeling great, over his tummy ache and totally with Lindsey and ready to tackle his first Grand Prix Special.  Just before entering the ring…he bit his tongue. Ding ding from the judge at C.   He can’t compete with blood in his mouth so was eliminated.  Once around the ring and out and the bleeding had stopped but the rules do not allow him to compete.

Okay…as I have said before…”what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

Our horses are now healthy.  Fred’s legs are definitely on the mend, Lance and William are back to their normal jolly selves.  Tomorrow is another day and in 2 weeks we have another CDI.

Hauling horses back to Arroyo today,




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