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Mmmmm Costco cheesecake…

How long have we been here??  The horses arrived the first week of December and it’s now the end of February???  Ok, we made it about 3 months without succumbing.  We’re at Costco regularly…water, fruit and vegetables, wine and we calmly walk by the cheesecake.  Oh we hear it calling.  We have a look, smack our lips and walk on by, yes ma’am, we walk on by.

But not yesterday.

Mmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmm.  No fake topping, just creamy, cheesey cheesecake.  Into the cart you go lovely cheesecake.

A lovely evening back at the coach…a glass of good chardonnay, talk of a great week’s work and next week’s show and mmmmmm cheesecake.

The remainder of that cheesecake has to go to the barn today….well maybe tomorrow???


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