A morning in the covered arena…

The rain the night before left the footing in the 2 big arenas too wet to ride in so we were all training in the small covered arena.  Thank goodness there is a covered arena at Arroyo for rainy weather riding!

All three horses worked so well yesterday.  Yeah Lindsey!!!  Yeah Shannon!!!  Lindsey and I learned a very important technical training detail (too boring to get into…but very important) while reviewing the videos of Monday’s lessons on Monday night.  And Lindsey learned it, thought about it and applied it in yesterday’s rides…a hard thing to do overnight but Lindsey got it done!  Thank you Shannon!  Wonderful work Lindsey!

Videos are a bit of a bother to upload to Youtube with the WIFI at the coach.  It’s very slow.  The following are a couple of  unedited clips of William and Lindsey in the covered yesterday developing half pass in trot and canter.  (it took over 8 hours to upload…)

William is growing up!

No rain last night, we should be riding in the big ring today, yeah!


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