A Saturday day off

We were up early, as usual.  Lindsey headed to the gym, I tidied  up around the coach and had a nice long Skype chat with Ivars over breakfast.

We headed to the stable on a blustery, chilly morning.  The drive down Hwy 101 (PCH, Pacific Coast Hwy) was dramatic with big grey clouds over the ocean and 10′ waves breaking on the beach.  A wonderful drive to start the morning.

We stopped at Pannikin for hot green tea and muffins…yum.  Arrived at the barn to hear Lance from down the alley way hollering at us “You’re late!!!  I want to go out!!!!  Ok, then just feed me!!!”.  He’s such a goofy, jolly horse.  “Ok Lance, hang tough, your turn soon!”

Fred walking on the treadmill with Lindsey monitoring her, I started feed buckets for lunch feed and Saturday’s supper and Sunday’s breakfast.  Lance is still hollering at me every time I passed through the alleyway.  “Ok Lance, Fred is done, it’s now your turn on the treadmill”  Lance is now trying to passage, buck and generally goof around instead of just walking on the treadmill…oh boy, a fit Grand Prix horse indeed.  He was sooo happy to get back to his stall and eat his lunch.  His day now made sense to him and he was content.

William was the most tired yesterday and had to be convinced not to trot on the uphill cycles of the treadmill.  “Stay walking William”.  He was glad to be put back in his stall and sleep the rest of the afternoon away.

We then had the afternoon free…Outlet Mall???  Okay, we’re both not big shoppers but this mall is on the Mexican border so we thought it might be a good adventure.  We got directions from the girls at the barn…”It’s the last US exit on the 5, don’t miss it ’cause you be in Mexico if you do!!!” and headed out.

A very busy mall, a very packed parking lot and a very long time with soo much traffic to get back to the freeway to head back north when we finished.  We won’t be doing that again on a Saturday afternoon!

We met Noel and Olivia at Jake’s for a typically early dinner.  Sunset over the ocean, good food and friends…a lovely way to end a great day.

Today is light ride on all three horses.  They’ll be ready for lessons with Shannon on Monday.

Off to the stable…



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