Fred’s day off…

The boys worked hard yesterday…Fred didn’t…

Fred layed out flat, sound asleep mid day...very, very tired

The boys both had a lesson with Shannon and worked their tails off (not literally, they both still have very lovely tails…).  Fred on the other hand could not lift her head from her bed.  Those of you who know Fred, know how unusual it would be for Fred to lie down in her stall, even overnight in a quiet barn.  She really worked hard this week both physically and mentally and yesterday was her calling “Uncle”.  Ok Fred…day off for you and guess what girly…day off today as well!

The boys get the day off today along with Fred.  We’ll head to the barn and put them on the treadmill, feed and check blankets and plan a rainy day activity for us for the afternoon.

Lindsey has headed to the gym to workout, I’m headed to the beach for a long walk on a grey morning.



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