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Baby William…clever boy!!!

Why is Lindsey standing BEHIND William on the treadmill???….


Because my lazy stallion is sitting on the butt bar while walking on the tread mill!!!  That’s cheating William!!!!!

"William...get your butt in gear!!!"

The horses worked great yesterday.  Everyone is getting ready for the CDI at the end of the month, fine tuning elements in the half halt to add extra polish to the movements required for each test.

Here’s a short video of William and Lance’s lessons with Shannon yesterday.  The work and progress is going great!!!

We met Barb and Curtis and their golfing friends Candy and John, here from Camrose for an early dinner (or late lunch!) in Oceanside.  Lindsey’s evening was at the gym, mine was catching up some work from home.

Light rain expected today…maybe we can get one horse worked before it starts???

Dig out the rain jackets…


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