Crazy travel day yesterday.

Yesterday was nuts.

Early am flight from Edmonton to Calgary then Calgary to San Diego.  Seems the customs agents were working to rule or some other work related slow down in Calgary.  As a result Calgary airport was a complete mess, hundreds of passengers standing around waiting to have their flights called before being allowed to enter the pass control area.  All US bound flights, all airlines were a least an hour late leaving Calgary.  What a headache for everyone involved in scheduling.  I got to meet some great people headed to San Diego and got some leads on rental spots for April for the kids to visit.  Made for a long day…

Today is day off for the horses.  Treadmill and a walk.

We’re going to take Barb and Curtis’ bikes to them in Laguna Woods.  We brought then down in the horse trailer in January.  We’ll throw them in the truck, along with the baby gear (stroller, car seats and play pen) and have a visit.  The baby gear is for the grandbabies that will be visiting the Grammas this spring!

Lindsey is headed to the gym, I’m going to the beach, then off to Pannikin for tea and the stable…


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