Piles, piles, piles…

My desk is still piled sky high but I had a great day in the arena teaching, my hair is no longer two toned and most importantly the grand babies have been tickled and snuggled….

Callie and 'Amma

Another busy day ahead.  Early start at my desk and then over to the stable.  So happy to be home and so excited to head back to Del Mar to my ponies on Friday…

Lancelot and Linds on Sunday

Another cup of tea….into my office…





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2 responses to “Piles, piles, piles…

  1. Kaley Segboer

    Hi Vicki and Crew,

    Just found your blog, and WOW! is all I can say. Such an exciting time for you, Lindsey, and the rest of Flying Colors.

    Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Oh, wow, you use helmets in dressage even when riding in tail coat?
    Impressive, Europe could learn from that statement of security!

    – and very good looking horses.

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