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Back in Alberta for a couple of days

Ivars and I flew back to Alberta from San Diego last night.  It was so nice to to have the day together….it’s been pretty busy the last week while he was here!  I’m home till Friday morning then back to San Diego.

The week is packed with catch up tasks plus lots of time teaching in the arena.  Day off when I get back to SD I guess!

The horses in California are on a two day rest break and back at work with Shannon and Lindsey on Wednesday.  Buckle in Linds….it’ll be a wild ride on each of them!

Our next show is the CDI end of February in Los Angeles (Burbank).  It’s going to be wonderful to have over 3 weeks of training to put some extra polish on all their tests.

Shots from Burbank from Ivars camera…

Gramma Barb arrived this show....Fred loves Gramma Barb!


...and so does Lance!


Curtis is ace at taking out show braids! Thanks Papa C!


Lance gets a shower after a great test.

Fred and Barb going for a walk...Fred loves Barb.


Barb and Fred having a little chat after Fred's scary encounter with the dressage fence.

Off to check off number one on the list for today….where’s my list?….





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