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Burbank…day two!!

Another great day in LA.

We started the morning with the babies.  Both Fred and William were showing their first Intermediare One tests yesterday.

Fred was first in the ring.  She warmed up very well and was concentrating and working hard at this new level.  Down centre line we go.  Lindsey rode so tactfully, so right on.  Fred settled in and was gaining confidence movement by movement.  The marks were 7s, 7.5s and 8s…and then she touched the dressage fence and it clattered to the ground.  Oh dear, sounds behind Fred really scare her.  So the next couple of movements were toast.  She lost concentration and at this level and first time in the ring she really needed to concentrate to do her best.  She recovered by the end and had a good experience.  64%.  She is now qualified to compete in the CDI at the end of February.  Well ridden Lindsey, brave girl Fred.  On to the CDI!

Fred, her first Intermediare One

Next ride was William.  He started his warmup well.  Down to business, gettin’ it done.  Then he realized, “Hey, we’re doing all this hard stuff today??? I don’t think I’m ready!!!”.  He turned into a little, mad, red headed boy.  Oh dear, schooling day I guess!!!  William’s normal reaction to being overwhelmed is to shut down and get very quiet.  In the show ring it makes riding the test very, very difficult.  So as blue as the air was around him, his decision to stay with Lindsey, though arguing vehemently, was a step forward.  There were some good moments in the test but more importantly he stayed in the moment in the test.  59%. He’ll have to compete in the National show while at the CDI next month.  A small step forward for William!

William's first Intermediare One test. Notice the blue cloud of swear words over his head?

Next test was Lance’s second Grand Prix.  We had scheduled 20 minutes for warm up and we were 5 minutes too long.  He was right there, ready to put it together!  He was tired but thinking.  Down centre line for Linds for the third time this morning.  A super ride by Lindsey…right on stride for stride.  A super test from Lance…he dug deep and did his job.  67.8%  Okaaaaay…if I could find a little jumping up and down icon, this where I’d insert it!!!!  We were all ecstatic, teary eyed and grinning, grinning, grinning!!!  Lance and Linds…their first GP 66% and their second GP 67.8%.  Years of work,  buckets of sweat and many, many plans.  The first step done on our quest for London…bring on the next….

A big thanks to Shannon Peters.  She stayed home from the Masters in Florida to handle the business of S Peters Dressage on the West coast and came to LA to help us on Saturday.  Thank you are such small words to express our gratitude to Shannon.  Her expertise and commitment to us and our horses is so amazing.  Thank you Shannon, thank you, thank you.


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