A wonderful, wonderful day in the sunshine!

We are at the LA Winter Dressage show in Los Angeles (Burbank).  This is a National level show (American).  In our quest to make the Canadian National Dressage team for the London Olympics, we need to compete at 4 International dressage shows (CDIs).  To have permission to compete at these international shows from our national sport governing body, we need to score at least 63% at that level at a national level show (Gold level) at Grand Prix.  As this was Lance’s very first Grand Prix test, it had a lot of weight on it!!!!   And Lindsey and Lance did it!!!!   66%!!!  His first Grand Prix done and done well!!!  We now have qualified to compete at the CDI at the end of February.  Yeah!!!  Lindsey rode an expert test on a young, green Grand Prix horse.  There were a lot of tears and cheers on the last salute!!!

Lance and Linds...gonin' for it!!!

William and Fred both competed at this show as well.  They were in the same class, Prix St George.  This is the first level in International competition.  Fred beat William by a small margin, both horses were 64%.  For them to have permission to compete at the CDI shows, they both need to score 63% in the Intermediare One test (the next level up from PSG).  That test is today for both of them.  It will be the first time for both of them that they will show the Inter One test.  Big day for the baby horses today!!!!

Fred and Linds

Lance will do another Grand Prix test today.

Our last ride time is 12:37 and then we pack everything up and head back to Arroyo.

A big congrats to Steffen and Ravel.  We are over the moon happy for his big win at the Masters in Florida this weekend.  Masterful rides on a wonderful equine athlete!   Safe trip home Ravioli!!!

Off to hitch the trailer, feed ponies…



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5 responses to “A wonderful, wonderful day in the sunshine!

  1. sandy guthrie

    way to go vic!!! so proudof all you
    have done.

  2. Deb Meraw

    How exciting! Congrats – all of your hard work is paying off. Best wishes for today!

  3. Lynn

    Congratulations to you !!! You and Linds must be thrilled and I’m very happy for you both. Keep it up!

  4. Pam Symons

    It just doesn’t get any better! You are realizing “your dreams” as you continue to “advance confidently”! I am very happy for you Vickie & Lindsey!

  5. WOW!!!! Ya you guys and the ponies! So glad all the hard work and big dreams are coming together. I am so proud of both of you and so happy to have got to be a small piece of the puzzle so long ago. Cheers to working hard and dreaming even bigger! Hugs Reiden.

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