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A rain day yesterday.

Rain days at Arroyo mean we’re all working in the covered arena.  That’s a pretty tight arena for all the big moving horses that live and work at Arroyo Del Mar.  Good training situation for everyone.  Just like a very busy warm up ring full of amazing, big moving horses!  This is hardest on the baby horses.  So much action all around!  Shannon’s new 3 yr old was a star…speaks to his trainability for sure!

All three horses worked so well yesterday!  We’re ready for Burbank.  Hopefully today or tomorrow we’ll be able to get into one of the big rings at Arroyo and run through a test or two.  Fingers crossed the sun comes out today.

Ivars arrives today.  As his flight connects through LAX, I’m going to drive up and a meet him there.  We should beat the traffic both ways, north and south.

We’re taking the coach back to the repair shop in Temecula again tonight.  They are going to check out a couple of things starting at 7:30am .  We’ll take it up today and plug it in there.  That way we’re not leaving in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow.  Lindsey and I will head to Arroyo from Temecula tomorrow and leave Ivars there to deal with the repair (and take his bike for a ride!!!).  Did I mention how happy I am to have Ivars here!!!!  Hopefully they’ll have the repair finished tomorrow night and Ivars will bring the coach back to Oceanside for the night.

We leave for Burbank on Thursday after lessons with Shannon.  Ivars will take the coach to the Equestrian Center and Lindsey and I will follow with the horses.  We show on Saturday and Sunday.  The ride times are not posted yet.  Maybe today.

Another strange day for me…I’m still in the coach and Lindsey is in the truck, headed to Arroyo!

Whoo hoo…I get to see Ivars today!!!

Mmmmm…another cup of tea…


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