We have had a great week.

All three horses have worked hard this week and it shows.  We will be ready for Burbank show…with bells on…

William and Fred will show Prix St George and Intermediare 1 level.

Lance will show his first Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special.

We are very lucky to have 3 very special horses here in training with Shannon.  This year there is a lot of pressure on Lindsey and Lance with the Olympics in August.  Having the other 2 horses going well, working hard and progressing, has diffused some of the pressure but not any of the hard work with Lance and Lindsey.  We are very fortunate and very grateful.

Today is the horses day off.  We’ll head to the stable feed them, put them each on the treadmill and make sure they are toasty warm and happy. Before heading to the barn, Lindsey is going to start the day at the gym and I’m going to head to the beach for a short run.  We were expecting rain and wind last night but haven’t seen a drop so far.  Good.  When they predict rain around here, it normally pours!  Good thing we have the truck for transport in the rain…the little car might drown.

Ivars will fly into LA Tuesday afternoon, Curtis leaves Camrose on Wednesday to drive south, Barb flies into Burbank Friday afternoon.  We’ll have lots of help for the Burbank show!

Better check out low tide times for today…


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