I hate waiting…

We had a great day of training Monday/Tuesday with Shannon.  Lindsey has added to and fine tuned the work from the warmup ring last show in Thermal and all three horses are working at a different level again.  Way to go Linds!!!  Fine, fine work.  I have no photos from the last couple of days as my brain is working full on taking notes and adding to the education.  No space or time for clicking the camera.

Anne Gribbons is at Arroyo today and yesterday for a USET clinic.  It’s a closed clinic but we can audit with permission of the riders.  Ravel is amazing and will be right on his game for the Masters in Florida next week.  Go Steffen, yeah Ravel.

I hate waiting.  Lindsey left for Arroyo an hour ago and I am stuck here waiting for the satellite repair man to arrive and tweak the motosat satellite finder thingy, technical term…the zoomer.  It was “fixed” at the RV repair shop last month but failed again when we had it in Thermal.  We have cable TV in the park but nowhere else.  It’s much easier to find techs to work on things on the coach here in the US than in Canada so here I am…waiting.

The little car is in at the BMW dealer for a yearly work up.  Oil, filters, rear tires, some brake work and engine tensioner???  It should be finished this afternoon, fingers crossed and I can get to Arroyo for Fred’s ride this afternoon.  Did I mention, I hate waiting…

Sitting around just chilling is not a strong point in my personality so this is a learning situation.  Another cup of tea, finish the blog….clean the coach? laundry? organize closets?  Ohhhhhmmmmmm…another cup of tea….

Sitting here looking out the window at the palm trees and the sunshine makes the vision of home and -32 and snow very surreal.  Sending warm thoughts northward.

I think the floor needs to be washed….


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