Awesome, awesome weekend…

William, PSG, day one 63% (tied for fifth), day two 59% (7th place) and day three 60% (6th place).  This was William’s grow up weekend and his learning curve is all about get in the ring and work as well as in the warm up ring.  He is a very tired boy right now but will have a better understanding for next show.

Fred warmed up (braids and all) each day but just wasn’t there the first couple of days so we decide to scratch her for her tests day one and day two.  Day three  was a great warm up and we decided to test her concentration and put her in the ring.  PSG, 67% and first place.  Way to go Fred…growing up!!!

Lance, Intermediare 2. day one 65% (1st place…he was the only one in the class!!!), day two 66% (3rd place) and day three 68.9% (1st place).  Lance is figuring out how to move that big body around that little ring doing very difficult movements.  He’ll be ready for the Grand Prix test next show.

Thank you everyone for all the good wishes, we could feel every one and appreciate them so much!

Thank you Shannon, ringside coach at our first show.

Lindsey’s ride on each horse, each test was well thought out, well executed and half halt to half halt, appropriate.  I’m so proud of her.  This has been a very big learning year and she showed it in the ring.

We’re both pooped and good tired.  We’re going to haul home to San Diego this morning, unpack and park the trailer, drive the coach to Oceanside, park and hook it up and then I think a glass of wine in the sunset is called for!!!

Getting ready for our next show (Burbank)…



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  1. Tracy Deschamps

    Good for you two! Impressive – keep the blog updates.

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