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Peter’s here!!!!

Friday’s lessons with Shannon…

Willam, concentrating in his lesson with Shannon

Lance, starting pirouette


Lance on Friday in a lesson with Shannon…


Sooo…Yeah!!!! Peter arrived Saturday morning as we were working with William!  Such a wonderful surprise!  We were expecting him sometime Saturday but not in the morning!  He made such good time.  He left Wetaskiwin Thursday noon with the truck and trailer and arrived at Arroyo Del Mar Saturday am.  Thank you so much Peter.  We now have wheels for our horses for the show season.

Peter also has enlightened us as to the speed limit in California for trailers.  The state trooper was a very nice man who let Peter know that 55mph is maximum for truck/trailers.  We’ll remember that next week driving to our first show in Thermal California.

So Peter arrived and he gets to man the camera!!

Fred, Lindsey and I

Working with Fred

Lindsey and I re hashing the ride, Fred chillin'

Next is Lance...


Thanks Peter for the great shots!

Today Peter will be out on the bike and Lindsey is taking the day off (much deserved!!!).  She and Peter are going to be tourists and head to the zoo for the day (after the bike ride).  I’m going to head to the barn and handle the horses for the day.

My truck is here!!!  I love my truck!!!

Off to fire up the diesel and head to Pannikin before pettin’ my ponies!!!


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