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Our horses are too fat…

Test day for Fred yesterday, light day of work for tired boys.

Fred, warming up.





Soooo…at home our horses are turned out daily for 4-5 hours.  They walk and graze and occasionally gallop and buck about.  Soooo…here not much turn out and my goodness they are enjoying the down time!  Snoozing and munching and a good afternoon nap.  And guess what…fat horses.  So on the treadmill you go my fat friends.  Of all the crazy things we make them do; according to each of them, this is by far the most bizarre.  “Trust me Lance, you’ll thank me later.  A couple of 100 pounds lighter will make that Grand Prix test a lot more pleasant for you!”

Fred, on the treadmill.

I love my horses.  They are all working so hard and introduction to the bizarre treadmill was so easy; they are amazing animals.

Peter is on the road with the truck and trailer.  He spent last night in Great Falls, Montana.  He should be in San Diego later Saturday.  Save travels Peter.

Double overhead 18′ braking waves today…don’t know what that means but it sounds like we need to check it out later to today.  (they are warning everyone inexperienced to stay out of the water) (we’ll be staying dry dear!)

Gonna be a wonderful day…



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