Thank you Shannon Peters….

To say the training with Shannon has been amazing is really such an understatement; the statement doesn’t make sense at any level.

Shannon Peters is a master at her job; dressage coach, dressage trainer, dressage rider, mentor and friend.

This is the third winter we are in California working with Shannon at Arroyo Del Mar. Shannon has taken on the very large task of working with our three horses (at three different levels), working with Lindsey; a dedicated and talented rider and with me as the “at home” coach.

In the arena here each day with Shannon is a master class for me, Lindsey and each horse. It takes a very special head coach to juggle each agenda; horse, rider, coach and put it all together each lesson. Shannon does it every day. We all work in our stretch zones. Our brains are very tired at the end of each day.

We are very blessed and thankful for all that Shannon does for us each day.

Our journey with our three horses in the last decade, has been very interesting and very rewarding. A big part of our journey has been working with some amazing coaches. We are very grateful to all the experts we have worked with over the years. The lessons we have learned have led us to Arroyo Del Mar and Shannon Peters.

It takes a very special, generous person to give as much of herself as Shannon gives to us every lesson. Her commitment to our horses, to Lindsey as a rider and to me as a coach is unparalleled and invaluable to our long term goals.

And very, very special thank you to Shannon for her work with me as a dressage coach. There are quite a few access points for a horse, for a rider, or for a horse/rider combination to access further dressage education. There are scarce systems available for a dressage coach to access more dressage coaching education. As a coach, we teach horse and/or rider; Shannon has added a full extra layer and fit in coaching education for me as part of each lesson. We are very grateful.

Thank you Shannon…for all you do each and every day. We’re committed to do you proud!

William, Fred, Lance, Lindsey and Vickie

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