Coach repair in Temecula = mani/pedi for me…who knew!!!

A full day at Temecula Valley RV repair…a part installed in the air leveling system of the coach and the water leak that showed up with the the last rain, has been tracked down.  Hopefully with the fix they did  yesterday, we’re water tight again!  I didn’t stay for the water test scheduled for today…you’d have to poke my eyeballs out to spend another day sitting around doing nothing but waiting…we’ll test it with the next rain storm in Oceanside.

But I went for a walk in the morning and found a mani/pedi along the way.   Yeah.  A small consolation for not being at Arroyo with my horses for the day (or not on my bike in the afternoon)!  I now get to go home with fancy toes and trimmed fingernails.

Then I managed to navigate the motorcoach home to Oceanside in the dark.  Put the flashlight in my teeth and hooked up all the drains and power cords and cable connections and even set up the satellite so Lindsey can watch Canadian TV over the holidays.  At least she can watch the snow on the weather channel next week…

Gonna be a great day, checked in for my flight home tomorrow, off to dinner in Del Mar…


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