A very, very windy morning at Arroyo

We started the day’s rides with William. The weather was crisp this morning and warm in the sunshine.

First ride of the morning, William


A short clip of William from yesterday…

Our next ride was Freddie and oh boy the wind picked up.  Things were being blown around the farm; tree branches, lawn chair cushions and anything that wasn’t battened down.  Off to the covered arena with Fred…we were still dodging wind born debris but better than out in the open in the dressage ring.  Fred was a star.  She concentrated and went to work.

Fred, dodging debris and working in the covered arena.

The wind died down somewhat for Lance’s ride so we were back in the dressage ring.  Another good ride.

Lance in the dressage ring yesterday.

Lance needs to be clipped again and as the trailer (and most of our extra tack re clippers) is still in Alberta till next month, Dawn will clip him today.  Thanks Dawn!  Lance got a bath in the blustery afternoon.  With piles of coolers and extra winter blankets, we kept him snuggy and warm.  He’ll  be so much more comfortable without the extra fur!

Back at the coach, we caught up on laundry, etc.  Linds went to the gym, I headed for a walk on the beach.

Dusk on the beach.

All and all a great day!

Day off for all the horses today.  We may be able to turn them out today, depends on the footing in the turnout pens.  I’m sure they would love to have a good roll in the sand, with the rain, they haven’t had turnout this week.

Off to feed and walk our horses,


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