A week at home.

This week has been a flurry of lessons, book work and family.  I’m almost caught up in my office (I’m sure I’ll be sitting at my desk late Saturday night though!).  I’m back on Westjet Sunday morning heading south to Arroyo.

The Christmas hubbub is in full swing around Edmonton.  Christmas lights are up and twinkling brightly.  We waved at Santa at the mall on Tuesday…we waved at Santa…he was downstairs and far away…”Not good down there ‘Amma” said Mack.  I guess there will be no Santa with Mack photos this year.

Christmas decorations around home will have to wait till I’m back on the 23rd.  Mack can help, Cali can watch.

On a equine note, Lindsey and I tried out a great horse from Equitop Farms.  He really is a lovely boy, five year old, great trot, super temperament.  We would have taken him with us south but for the fact he’s an XXXL, 18 hands.  If you have anyone you know looking for a big horse, this one is worth a test ride.  Not many large horses are light enough to be an easy ride…this one is!  Here’s the link to Lindsey’ test ride…http://youtu.be/Igu36xSHq_E

Off to my first lesson, gonna be a great day.


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