USDF convention….shopping!!!

We had a short ride on all three horses yesterday.  They’re almost back to full steam, still a bit tired but almost ready to go.  They got turned out later in the day and really enjoyed a buck, run, and several dusty rolls in the sand.  Today is rest day and tomorrow will be the first lesson with Shannon.

We headed to the Del Mar Fairgrounds and caught Shannon riding Felix with Debbie McDonald.  Shannon is an amazing rider and with Debbie on the mike, everyone in the arena got a good look and explanation of expert riding and effective training.  Felix was a good boy in a BIG arena.

And oh yes the shopping…Lindsey has been fortunately been given a gift of a new set of tails for 2012.  We have been looking around and yesterday found the perfect set.  New Pikeur “Soft Shell” tails, long enough for tall people and with a bit of minor tailoring, will look totally smashing!  They should be ready for the first show in Thermal in January.

Shannon Peters on Felix, Debbie McDonald on the mike.

Images from yesterday’s work….

William, 7yr old Hannoverian Stallion (PSG, Inter One)

William, flying changes

Lancelot, 11 yr old Danish Warmblood

Lance, Grand Prix



Fadora (Fred) 9 yr old Oldenburg mare (PSG, Inter One)

Today Ivars and I will head back to Alberta.  Time to work on some loose ends around the house and farm and visit with the kids for a week.  I’ll be back in San Diego on Sunday, in time for lessons with Shannon on Monday.

Off to the train, bus, plane, plane…full day.



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